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Be a Successful Author & Thought Leader


 Clarify your Goals,  Create a Customized Plan,  Communicate Your Message


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Sell More Books & Services

Build an Author Brand

Save Time & Money


Don’t be held back by all of the unclear publishing options
Stand out among the other books

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Build Your Author Road Map

We're with You Every Step of the Way

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- Defined Destination -
Clarity on Your Author Goals

Identify where you want to go as an author and how you're going to get there to succeed

- Custom Road Map -
Confidence in Your Success

Create a plan to get to your destination and how you will get there

- Find the Right Readers - 
Book Marketing that Works

Discover who will read your book and find the influencers who will be your raving fans

Publishing and launching a book is difficult which can cause you to feel stuck and helpless.

Juxtabook Guides Authors to Success

Over 20 books launched

Dozens of authors helped

Contributed to over 1 MILLION books sold


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3 Options to Choose From


Do It Yourself
- Online Courses -

Pick from Juxtabook's  Library of Book Development, Author Platforms, and Book Marketing

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Do It With You
- Coaching -

For Authors who want more coaching and guidance for each step of the coaching process. 

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Do It For You
- Full Services -

For Authors and Thought Leaders who want the full services that Juxtabook has to offer. 

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How the Author Roadmap Works


Clarify and Set Authors Goals

We help YOU define your long term goal

Create a Customized Plan

We guide YOU in setting a realistic plan

Communicate the Message

We teach YOU what marketing strategies work

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It’s hard to write a book.  Not only that there are too many unclear publishing options to choose from, which makes you feel stuck and helpless. Juxtabook helps you clarify your goals, create a  customized plan, and communicate your message so you can move from feeling stuck and confused to a confident author and thought leader.


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The Perfect Book Proposal

Before a publisher will even look at your manuscript, they want to know why they should invest in YOU. With the Perfect Proposal, we give you the guidelines to promote yourself and your book in the way the publisher wants it.

The Perfect Book Proposal

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