Using Your Book to Build Your Subscription List

author platform Jun 10, 2020

Every time your book is purchased it is an opportunity to begin a journey with a new reader.  Don’t let that journey end with the last word of your book.  To continue that journey it’s your goal to engage with the reader and leads them to something that adds to and continues what they just read.  

When your book is purchased you’ve already captured the reader’s attention.  By adding something beyond the book you invite the reader to get to know you better and to go on a customer journey to become a super fan of your work, brand, and company. 

How do you do this?  Insert a Thank You page at the beginning and/or end of your book and provide a free gift as a token of your appreciation.  

The reader has already spent money to buy your book and has taken some of their precious time to read it.  The goal of this free gift is to thank the reader for investing in you and then to lead the reader from your book to your platform, preferably your website.

Once on your website, the goal is to get the reader to subscribe to your email list. They’ll subscribe because they want that free thank you gift. They appreciate that you realize that their time and money is precious to them. 

Here are 10 free-gift ideas:

  • Free pdf download of the eBook

  • Electronic copies of the worksheets in your book

  • Free audio copy of your book 

  • Content that didn’t make it into the book

  • Free videos that expand on the book content

  • E-learning course

  • Free consultation 

  • Access to a webcast

  • A list of tools that will be helpful in applying the book

  • A free chapter of your next book

Remember, the more compelling the free gift, the more likely the reader will want it and will subscribe to your email list. Ask yourself: Would I  download it? If so, then it is probably a decent gift.  If you’re not sure, ask your current readers or other authors what has worked for them.

Adding a Thank You page is something free and easy that you can easily provide.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to thank your reader and to engage with your readers. At the same time you are building your author platform by building your subscription list.   



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