Ep. 37 - The Unexpected Impact of Your Books

Episode Overview:

  • The episode explores the impact that every book, regardless of its scope, has on both the author and the readers.
  • Discussion on how writing, whether published or not, is a transformative experience for authors.
  • Emphasis on the varied and often surprising impacts a book can have on its readers.

Key Points:

The Transformative Power of Writing:

  • Exploring how the act of writing, be it fiction, non-fiction, or research, profoundly affects the author.
  • Writing as a transformative journey, regardless of publication.

Unexpected Impacts on Readers:

  • The episode underlines the importance of authors considering the potential impact of their work.
  • Recognizing that a book's influence can be intentional or unintentional, large or small, and sometimes surprising.

Personal Story: "Curious George Makes Pancakes":

  • Sharing a personal anecdote about how "Curious George Makes Pancakes" inspired the host's young son.
  • The story illustrates how a simple children's book led to a charitable initiative by the son, who organized an ice cream fundraiser for a local children's hospital.
  • The event's success and the positive experience of buying and delivering toys to the hospital.

Reflective Questions for Authors:

  1. What impact do you envision your book having?
  2. Inviting authors to consider and list the potential personal impacts, reader impacts, and unexpected outcomes their writing might generate.
  3. Encouraging thoughts on how a book might inspire others to write or take positive actions.

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